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Philosophy Program

Philosophy Mission Statement

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy seeks to enrich students' appreciation of the history of philosophical reflection and to guide their comprehension and critical evaluation of current issues and trends.


Why Study Philosophy?

The short answer is that it can give you a much deeper understanding of things and sharpen your problem-solving skills. All learning in Western history began as philosophy. That's why a doctor's degree, even in one of the sciences like chemistry, is still called a Ph.D. (doctorate of philosophy). Philosophy is a basic, foundational discipline, even if its vocabulary is specialized. As such, it deals with large questions like (1) What can we know? (2) What should we do? (3) What may we hope? (4) What is human nature? It is the mother of all academic disciplines, fundamental to intellectual and cultural literacy.

Jobs for philosophy majors:

Philosophy also sharpens our skills in critical thinking and analysis so we can see through false arguments and discern underlying assumptions in arguments and theories. In fact, students headed to law school who pass a course in logic score on average 14 percentile points higher on their LSAT (Law School Admission Test) than those who haven't. Students going to seminary find themselves much better prepared if they have a background in philosophy, since contemporary theology often builds on philosophical foundations. Because philosophy is so versatile, the Philosophy major provides a solid foundation for further study in a wide variety of fields, including not only the academic professions of philosophy, theology, and religious studies, but also professions in the social sciences, psychology, law, and related fields. Most important, it offers a thorough grounding in clear analytical thinking and problem solving--a skill absolutely essential in any field from corporate business to pastoral ministry.



Dr. Michael Deckard and students enjoy an outdoor class on the front porch of Russell House.

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